Our corporate business principles

We strive to provide our clients with a comprehensive service in both income-tax related and managerial areas.

Our clients:
We have a diverse client base covering a range of business sectors which includes company employees, professional businesspeople, medical practitioners, architects, lawyers, management consultants, national and international non-profit organisations.

More and more, we are extending our support to the growing number of foreign clients who pay tax in Germany, by also offering our services in English, French, Italian and Polish.
We provide all-round fiscal and business consulting, including negotiations with investors.

Technical equipment:
Our Munich office is equipped with top-of-the-range information technology. With a modern Windows Terminal Server (WTS) environment, we are increasingly able to support a fast exchange of information with our clients.
In our office, we use DATEV programs, and also offer you the option of implementing DATEV solutions (financial accounting and cost accounting) in your company directly, with ongoing support and maintenance.
You can also profit from DATEV's online business concept, “Unternehmen Online”, which enables you to digitally process your receipts and supporting documents.

It goes without saying that much of our correspondence and communication is conducted via e-mail, however, we do consider a personal conversation to be an integral part of our consultancy service.  Getting to know and understand you, your business and your circumstances is key to providing expert advice, tailored to your needs.  We therefore attach great importance to building close relationships with our clients. Generally, clients will have a fixed contact person in our office, but they can always rely on expert advice from other colleagues should urgent problems or questions arise.